Mario Calderon´s Toys

A mixture of tradition, culture and games; in 1990 Mario Calderon decided to start a project as a toymaker in which he involves magic and childhood dreams. When he is representing his tradition, a reaffirmation of national identity is perceived, we comprehend the syncretic mixture of the autochthonous indigenous culture with those influences arrived from Africa and Europe. “Mario’s toys jump, dance, swing and turn. There are neither electric motors nor batteries here; instead pulleys, cranks, pendulums, gears and the pure energy of his inspiration impart life to toys. Mario, the toymaker, stimulates our imagination because his toys amaze us and invite us to enter his world. He is one of them and one with them.” John Maisto U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela 1997–2000.

Mario Calderon´s Collection

Mario Calderon’s collection of toys takes us to a space where we can recall our childhood, involved by the memories of the toys we used to play with and the ones perhaps we didn’t have. His collection is composed of around 3000 pieces from different epochs and cultures. Most of the pieces are made of lithographed tin-plate, cast iron, plastic, bakelite, celluloid, textile, carved wood, polychrome wood, paper, papiermâché, among others and are made by different manufacturers from Venezuela, Brazil, China, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United States, etc. Being a museum for most children and a journey for adults, the Toy House swirls around the circus, music, dolls, combat devices and more, evoking the child who lives inside us.