The Toymaker

Mario is a child who creates universes with his toys. Life will make him grow up fast, yet his inner child will help him to overcome loss, making him the most important toymaker of his country.


Mario is a curious and inventive child, raised in a humble home but full of love in the Caracas (Venezuela) of the 60s. Mario loved his toys, especially his plastic soldiers; with them he created universes and lived many adventures. Yet life will make him lose his innocence and grow faster than he should have. His brother joins the guerrilla and is chased by the army. Mario understands that the real soldiers are trained to kill. Together with his father, Mario’s innocence also dies.

The Young Mario, even though having an outstanding talent in music, is determined to become a doctor and accomplish his mother’s desire. In Medicine School, he meets Pilar, the love of his life, a young beautiful and sensitive woman, with a great fascination for toys. With her, he will discover a wonderful Antique-toy store where Mario will experience an epiphany when he reencounters the plastic soldiers that marked his childhood. There, he feels his inner child awakes filling him with motivation. Mario becomes a passionate toy collector. Pilar suggests him to fabricate some wooden toys. But his musician-night life makes a dent in his personality; alcohol and fame distance him from Pilar. Mario decides to travel along South America to find himself and try to recover Pilar. During his trip, Pilar dies in a car accident.

Mario sinks in a deep depression, and once more his inner child reveals himself, reconnecting him with his childhood and with Pilar through toys; he permanently quits Medicine school and funds “Pilar’s Toys” a workshop of handicraft toys. Mario creates his own imaginary, full of art, music, color and nostalgia; a universe of trapeze artists, acrobats, soldiers and multi-colored horses, gaining every time more national and international recognition. He then develops a group of toys inspired on the traditions of his country and with them, he gains a UNESCO award to the excellence of handicrafts. Now, Mario goes further, when he realizes that nowadays childhood is just a part of the market. Children are bombed with publicity and most of the current toys amputate the imagination capacity children are born with. Adults are the only responsible of saving childhood. That is why Mario decides not to make toys for children; he makes toys for the inner child living inside adults. To motivate us to understand the importance of keeping alive fantasy, creativity, the capacity of making a relation through love and to surprise us in front of how beautiful life can be. He decides his mission will be to achieve that childhood stops being a lost paradise for adults and become an inner garden, alive and full of magic, which fills our lives with inspiration.


Why do we want to make this Film?

Games are a universal language. When we are children toys contribute to our development and raise imagination. Many toys nowadays don´t stimulate children´s creativity. Also, many of us have lost the creative freedom of playing. The toymaker film is a tribute to handmade toys, an invitation to play and free fantasy, cultivate curiosity and keep alive our inner child.

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