Fact Sheet

The Toymaker

“Your inner child has a mission”

Duration: 90 min

Genre: Documentary, fiction and animation.

Format: 4k

Country: Venezuela


1-The Toymaker is the life of Mario Calderon told by his own toys.

2- A toymaker, his inner child and a troop of old toys start a crusade to save the fantasy of the children of today.

About the film

Mario, is a young medicine student, musician and bohemian. He undergoes the loss of Pilar, the love of his life. Yet, everything will change in an antique-toy store. There, toys will make his inner child reborn. Mario creates a small museum full of magic and founds “Pilar’s Toys”. Gaining international recognition as a toymaker of handmade toys. 30 years later his country is in crisis. His workshop and his small museum are in danger, Mario considers retirement. Even so, an impacting reality gives him back motivation: childhood is threatened. Mario realizes that there is still a cause to fight for and with his toys he starts a crusade for child fantasy.

Mario Calderón

Mario is one of the most important toymakers in his country (Venezuela). He has more than 30 years of career. He has traveled with his work to countries such as Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Peru, Qatar, Spain and the United States. His toys have received important awards in his country and the world, including the UNESCO award of Excellence for Handicrafts.

Production House & Directors

The Toymaker is a production made by Araguato Films and UV Audiovisuales. It is directed by Oscar Quintero and Marzel Avila, two Venezuelan audiovisual creators with a wide experience producing documentaries, animation and publicity.

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