Marzel Avila

Director & Screenwriter


I opened my eyes and started to create. Experimenting with music, comics, art and publicity I found the joining of everything: Filmmaking. I am a Bachelor in Filmmaking with 11 years of experience and just as the first time, I open my eyes and continue creating.

Oscar Quintero

Director & Editor


I live in Merida – Venezuela surrounded by mountains and remote villages. These landscapes, people and traditions awoke within me the passion for photographing people and places’ souls through documentaries.

Luis Enrique Barroeta

Compositor & Motion Graphics


Having more than 17 years of experience in graphic designing and animation. Additional experience includes VFX supervition, 3D animation and motion graphic composition. Quite enthusiastic about computers, my son Adrian and BBQs.

Gabriela Arnal



Bachelor in graphic design with more than 6 years working in the animation field. I have worked as writer, director, producer, managing assistant, art assistant and colorist in all sorts of visual storytelling. Gamer for life! Mia and Liam’s mom.

Irislis Cova



I am a Bachelor in Social Communication. I have produced documentaries, fiction and animation for more than 8 years. I am a lover of quality. I love traveling and sharing with passionate people who love what they do.

Mario Román

VFX & Animation Supervisor


I have more than 14 years flying through 3D universes and digital landscapes. After traveling through different sides of animation, rendering and VFX, I landed in the joining of 3D effects and video.

Almaclara Radharani

Sound Designer


It is said that sound represents 50% of an audiovisual, I think it represents more. I love sounds in all its manifestations. I specialize in sound design, post production and audio mixing. I studied in Venezuela and Spain.

Juan José Dávila



I have always liked seeing the world through a still camera. Films allow us to create new worlds, especially with projects where the creative freedom of cinema mixes with animation, fiction and the shades of the reality given by the documentary film.

Aquiles Fernández



I am a director, editor and scriptwriter. Since I was a little boy, I made of my games huge adventures; there, the need of telling audiovisual stories was born. I have some years developing TV shows for teenagers and children animation, using as a main tool my imagination.

Betania Dávila



Speaking several languages and translating them is an eye-opener: culture is inside our tongue. I have some years of experience as a translator, currently I work translating Spanish and English combinations and as a professor in the Universidad de Los Andes (Venezuela).

Anaclara Calderón

Museum Director

I love children and their universe. I am an elementary school teacher and Mia’s mom. My father taught me love for art and music, I also enjoy nature and outdoor sports. I am Mario Calderon’s daughter and Director of the Fundación Casa del Juguete, which houses all of my father’s antique toy collection.

Girling Marquez

Web Developer


System engineer – web designer entrepeneur. Passionate about developing friendly and appealing web and software interfaces with more than 15 years working with professionals web designers. Plus, my greatest desing – beign a mom to Adrian and a beloved wife and aunty.

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