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THE TOYMAKER starts its crowdfunding campaign

Venezuelan toys on their way to the big screen

Its creators define it as “a true story told by toys”. THE TOYMAKER is a unique cinematographic project that joins documentary, fiction and animation. It is about the life of the musician, collector and awarded Venezuelan toymaker Mario Calderón; a film about the importance of keeping alive our inner child.

The crisis in Venezuela affects the filmmaking industry, yet for Óscar Quintero and Marzel Ávila, the directors of THE TOYMAKER, this crisis became in a motivation: “In this moment, it is important to talk about the great creative capacity of Venezuelans, of our culture and our most positive values. In the middle of this conflict and so many economic and political problems, we want to represent a word of hope for the people”. Without a doubt, the main difficulty that the film faces is finding financing, there is where it comes the initiative of making a crowdfunding campaign.

The crowdfunding is a way of financing cinematographic, scientific, creative and humanitarian projects. There are several platforms such as and on the internet, where people from all around the world donate money for the execution of a certain project; usually in exchange of gifts and acknowledgement. In the case of THE TOYMAKER the “backers” of the project would receive the film before its official premiere, be on the final credits of it and receive original toys made by Mario Calderon.

From its beginning, THE TOYMAKER obtained a great receptivity; recently it received (among almost 200 projects from all around the world) the second place for the Prize of the Jury and the fourth place for the Prize of the Audience in The Audience Awards 2016. “People show us their support through our social networks, not only in Venezuela but we also have many followers in Asian countries and The United States” said Irislis Cova, producer of the film.

This is the reason why the directors of THE TOYMAKER are optimistic with getting the necessary funds for the film through this crowdfunding. Marzel Ávila told us: “This is a film from Venezuela to the world, we know that your inner child will enjoy it a lot; that is why we hope for people to support us”. The crowdfunding campaign for THE TOYMAKER starts on September 20 and finishes on October 25 in, you can get more information through the social networks of the project and also in




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