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Prize of the Jury – The Audience Awards

This August 10th started the annual contest of The Reelpitch Challenge of The Audience Awards where filmmakers are able to present their projects for the audience to vote and select their favorite. This year, for the first round 195 projects from all around the globe were selected to compete in four different categories: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution.

The Toymaker project participated in the Production category and was selected along other 20 projects to go to the finals round, which started on the 23rd of August. Being the sole Latin-American project, The Toymaker showed its potential when it got the audience support during the 6 days of campaign.

Thanks to the audience support and the quality of the project, The Toymaker won the Prize of the Jury; an award that will allow it to keep working with motivation and love to make the dream of this idea become true. Considering the current crisis that Venezuela is going through in this moment, getting support in an international way helps the project not only to gain recognition, but also to know that it follows the correct path.

The Toymaker is a project looking to rescue values that today’s society has forgotten and by receiving this award, it does not only show the potential of a group of young filmmakers and their team, but also shows the importance of this topic for many who also worry about the subject. The recognition of the Jury also shows that this project counts on a high-quality and prepared team able to make out of this dream a reality.



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